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Spacesuit-simulator "Aouda.X"

The experimental spacesuit-simulator “Aouda.X” is a both a spacecraft and a computer to wear: It mimics border conditions a real Mars spacesuit would provide during a surface EVA, like weight, pressure, limited sensory input etc… The 45 kg suit has advanced On-Board Computing, internal sensor networks and computing power, biomedical telemetry and an advanced Human-Machine-Interface including gesture control and voice command.

The suit is designed to study contamination vectors in planetary exploration analogue environments and create limitations depending on the pressure regime chosen for a simulation. An advanced human-machine interface, a set of sensors and a purpose designed software act as a local virtual assistant to the crewman. It is designed to interact with other field components like the rover and instruments.

System Overview:
  • < 45 kg, Hard-Upper-Torso suit, ambient air ventilation
  • Outer hull: Panox/Kevlar tissue with aluminium coating
  • Modifiable exoskeleton able to simulate various pressure regimes for all major human joints including fingers
  • Biomedical and engineering telemetry with W-Lan (e.g. continuous video & audio, various temperatures, CO2, GPS, air pressure, humidity, acceleration,...), human waste mgmt.
  • Advanced human-machine interface onwards including speech recognition and accelerometer input devices in the gloves;
  • Voltage: various buses, main bus: 12 V; W-Lan band: 5 GHz, Back-up analogue Radio for contingency situations



Performance envelope

  • 4-6 hours (incl. donning/doffing) field operations
  • Temperature limits: -110°C and +35°C (tested)
  • >1 km W-Lan range (can be extended with directional W-Lan)
  • Operational requirements:
    • power supply on-site for telemetry laptops & displays
    • Donning/doffing time: between 60 - 120 min.
    • System weight incl. support infrastructure: approx. 100 kg

Did you know this is possible - a spacesuit simulator for rent?

The Austrian Space Forum is offering the Aouda.X prototype to be used as a versatile platform for e.g. instrument or procedures testing to other research and outreach institutions. Except for logistics costs, no other costs arise for research organizations in case the loan request is approved by the Austrian Space Forum.

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