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Mars 2013 - Morocco Mars Analog Field Simulation

Please find photos and press kit about MARS2013 Morocco Mars Simulation below. 
Publications which are part of reporting about MARS2013 are free-of-charge. 

Photos are free-of-charge, if the copyright is used correctly and completely.

MARS2013 Press pictures

Photos are free-of-charge, if the copyright is used correctly and completely.


Mars2013 has officially begun. L. Foresta.
& D. Schildhammer during their
first EVA in Morocco.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 564.8 KB)


Aouda.X Mars space suit simulator standing
on a Kess Kess formation in Morocco.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 4.6 MB)


After successful EVA (Extra-Vehicular-
Activity) the Analog-Astronaut returns
to base camp.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 3.7 MB)


With the ATV (All-terrain-vehicles) an
Analog-Astronaut can extend the exploration
area. Moreover the ATV's are part
of the SREC experiment.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 3.8 MB)


Daniel Schildhammer inside Aouda.X (le)
and Luca Foresta inside Aouda.S (ri)
Mars spacesuit simulator.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 2.1 MB)


Daniel Schildhammer lowers the Cliffbot
over some steep cliffs of the
Kess Kess formations.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 6.1 MB)


Both Mars spacesuit simulators are testing
the deployable shelter, which was
developed by TU Vienna for emergency cases.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 5.1 MB)


Taking samples for the geoscience
experiment. Before taking the sample the
Analog-Astronaut describes the formation
and takes photos.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 6.4 MB)


Aouda.X Mars spacesuit together with
MAGMA Whiterover during sunset. The
Life experiment of the University of Innsbruck
is attached to the rover.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 3.6 MB)


Placing the MEDIAN gas detectors.
With this concept we try to detect
Methane Gas in small amounts.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 1.1 MB)


Hungarian Google Lunar X-Prize Rover
Puli together with Aouda.X Mars spacesuit.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 4 MB)


Hunveyor is an additional Hungarian
experiment. The lander is also a
weather station & collects important
weather data for MEDIAN experiment.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 4.5 MB)


MARS2013 Camp in the Moroccan
Northern Sahara just after sunset.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 3.6 MB)


Flight Control room of the
Mission Support Center in Innsbruck.
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 3.6 MB)


OPS White Seat an experimental
furniture concept developed for MARS2013
simulation. Doctor Pavan Gorur monitors
biomedical data from this console
(c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)
download (jpg, 316.2 KB)

Interview Clippings Dr. Gernot Groemer, Morocco

Video can be used free-of-charge with the complete & correct copyright OeWF / Design & Data

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