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Aouda.X spacesuit simulator Passepartout launch 2010 Laengenfeld, Austria Rio Tinto Simulation 2011: Aouda.X together with ESA's Eurobot Dachstein Mars Simulation 2012 - Tristan Dome
"We are working with professionalism and passion."
"We launch experiments into the stratosphere."
"We work together with international partners."
"We are experts in Mars analog research."

World Space Walk 2013


For the first time, three Mars analogue suit development teams around the world have performed simultaneous experiments, coordinated from a single mission control centre. The experiments are a first step in developing a universal standard for comparing Mars analogue suits in terms of the impact they have on the agility and dexterity of the suit wearers.

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OEWF Updates

  • 2013/2014: Littrow Lectures

    The Austrian Academy of Sciences organizes a series of lectures on recent space research topics. From extrasolar planets & space probes to Saturn's moon titan a series of lectures will provide insights to modern space research.

    Where: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW), Festsaal, 1010 Wien, Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
    Last lecture: 21st May 2013, 18:15

  • 04-10. Oct 2014: World Space Week

    This years motto of the World Space Week is:
    Space: Guiding Your Way.