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Ballon Passepartout IVb env

05. Juni 2010

Next planned launch: Start of Passepartout IVenv from Linz in the occasion of the UN world environment day.


Styrodur cube body

Mission Parameter

  • Black Widow KX131C Camera - Live Picture !
  • 500mW Transeiver, 2410MHz (Channel 1), small stubby antenna
  • Power supply: 6 AA cell Duracell Procell  with vottage convertter 7805
  • Weight: 280 gram
  • Styrodur cube body with printed circuit board bottom,length of the edge: 10 cm

Planned launch:
Start 5. 6. 2010 Linz Südbahnhofmarkt, start window:
from 10  till 12 h



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